Podcast Ratings & Reviews: The Worst Marketing Myth You’ve Probably Adopted

Carrie Caulfield Arick
7 min readJan 25, 2022
Wake the eff up by Amy Shamblen Podcast | Ratings & Reviews: The Worst Marketing Myth You’ve Probably Adopted  (https://unsplash.com/photos/DdiACe005_c)
It’s time to drink coffee instead of Kool-Aid.

Can we ditch the podcast myth about ratings and reviews as a fail-proof podcast marketing strategy already? It’s 2022, podcasters.

We need to move on from this internalized lie:

“If you want to support the podcast, leave us a rating and review. It will help others find the show.”

Can someone please tell me how ratings and reviews help listeners discover new shows?

I’m taking off my professional hat (aka my 8 years of experience as a successful, money-earning podcaster and podcast professional). I’m putting on my listener hat (aka someone with no stake in the industry that believes what you tell me, dear podcaster).

You’ve asked for a rating and review. I adore you, so of course, I will rate and review your show. Naturally, I want you to be successful, so you keep creating the content I LOVE.

So, I open up my podcast app, click on your show… except… OMG, HOW? How do I leave you a rating and review?

After some googling, I learn I LITERALLY CAN’T because this podcast app doesn’t have this feature.

Darn. But that’s okay. I have an iPhone. Lemme open the Apple Podcast App. Surely, I can leave a rating and review there.

Except I can’t figure it out. Back to Google.

But now my kid wants dinner. My email needs attention. The cat needs pets. There’s no way I can justify spending another 30 minutes to an hour learning how to leave you a rating and review.

Plus, now I’m annoyed. What you asked of me, the listener, sounded simple on the surface. It only takes a second, you told me. 90 minutes later, you’ve caused me to disrupt my schedule completely, and that disruption cascaded into every area of my life.

I’m out.

Oh well. You should have given explicit directions for such a complicated ask. You should have been honest with me about the difficulty level. My feelings for you have changed because you weren’t upfront about the challenges here.

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