Why the Podcasting Industry Creates Podfade: II. The Creative

The status quo podfade discussion laughably doesn’t consider the core feature of podcasting — creativity. Nor do our amateur or professional statisticians. Yet, there is critical nuance here to harness for the good of the industry.

The Qualified Podcaster

The current conversation…

The “3Cs” of podcasting — it’s too rigid

New Media is sexier than the rules of design

Me, talking with the king of audio storytelling, Ira Glass

Audio is a visual medium

Creators are hungry for this conversation…

We’re getting the content conversation all wrong

Creativity ebbs and flows. Good content should not.

Podcasting does have rules. Quit telling people it doesn’t.

Not every story requires more than ten episodes to be told.

My questions for podcasting’s industry leaders:



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Carrie Caulfield Arick

Carrie Caulfield Arick

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